Lyra {Grand Forks, ND Natural Light Infant Photographer}

This was my first attempt at indoor photography with a baby who doesn't just sleep/eat/poop :)  We snuck outside because this weather is awesome, but spent most of our time indoors!  Lyra was a little shy but a lot cute!  Thanks for letting me capture her 6 month pics!


Baby Connor {North Dakota Natural Light Photographer}

Connor's mommy and I went to graduate school together 10 years ago! I was so happy to be able to photograph her new son and catch up!  Connor was cooperative, even though we bugged him non-stop.  Hope to see you again soon baby Connor!

LaKrena, Gary, Carter & Phoenix {North Dakota Family Photographer}


Beautiful Red Heads

Amy was probably the first person I met when I moved into our new house in 2nd grade-she was my next door neighbor!  Well, last spring I did a fund raiser for the March of Dimes and in exchange for donations, I provided free photo shoots!  Here is hers...good to see you again Amy! PS: I had to include the last one, even if he was sitting in a puddle ;)


Ellie, Evan, Eli and Emit {Grand Forks, ND Natural Light Family Photographer}

Hayley and I graduated highschool together, so it was fun to meet up in Downtown Grand Forks and meet all 4 of her beautiful children!  We got there shortly before sundown so it made for great lighting!  Thanks Hayley and kids for the fun shoot!


Cutie Pie Ryan {Minnesota Natural Light Children's Photographer}

Ryan comes from a long line of hairdressers, so we thought it would be fun to start the photo shoot out in front of a barber shop!  Ryan was SO serious 99% of the time, so I feel very lucky to have gotten so many cute smiles from him!  This shoot was especially fun because Ryan is my cousin's son.  It's fun to get to watch him growing up!


My brother's turn! {North Dakota Family Photographer}

Since DJ, Mindy and the kids were out in Northwood on Sunday we did a quick photo session too!  Their niece, Zowie and 2 dogs Nick and Casey joined in the action!